School Review and Quality

School Quality Improvement Model


This model primarily focuses on improving School quality and effectiveness by employing a comprehensive system of planning and evaluation in all major aspects of the institution.


⍟ Planning and evaluation of teaching, administration, and thereby providing thorough, broad based, integrated and appropriate educational support.

⍟ Evaluating teaching learning process by the way of lesson observation for monitoring and improving the quality of instruction.

⍟ Provide guidance to teachers based on the observations for further improvement.

Raising the academic performance of students in the various subjects offered in schools.


Improved quality of instructions thereby raising the academic performance of students.

Teacher will develop a better understanding on DLP, classroom activities, and assessment.

This model will act as a key indicator of the quality of teachers and can track the performance of individual teacher.

It will help the management in rationalizing the salary structure on the basis of teacher’s performance.

Head of the school will be able to work on the areas were teachers are facing problem.