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Two Day Workshop

This module explains the process as well as rationale of the new directives about assessment and examinations effective from academic year 2017-18

Central Board of Secondary Education has recently revised the assessment system and brought new uniform system of assessment for academic year 2017-18; in response to this we have designed a workshop on “Understanding the new System” which will help teacher to plan and execute the assessment and examination in a effective way.

One Day Workshop

The biggest question revolving in the minds of each stakeholder of education society is “What should be taught to our children and how”

And answer to this question we can say is National Curriculum Framework -2005.

‘Understanding NCF-2005’ module will help teachers to not only understand but also implement the recommendations of NCF-2005 in their school. It will enhance the quality of education and equip learners with the modern world techniques of teaching.

Integrating NCF into school processes is beneficial for teachers and students; it helps them to excel in life rather than only in exams.

One Day Workshop

Classroom management is usually understood to mean the way teachers organize the space, time, and human resources available to them to increase student learning.

This module will help teachers to understand different strategies used for effectively organizing the learning spaces and thereby achieving the maximum learning.

One Day Workshop

Teacher and student engagement is critical in the classroom because it has the power to define whose knowledge will become a part of school-related knowledge and whose voices will shape it.

What to expect from students learning mathematics at different levels? And Why Mathematics is important? To teach for the sake of completion of syllabus or to teach for the enhancement of the knowledge in students.

Most of the time, while saying we propagate that we teach for the later part but are we really teaching? Such other questions need to be re-examined. This module will allow teachers to rethink the way they teach and help them to imbibe in them the skills required for teaching for the construction of knowledge. Teacher will witness the change in not only the quality of teaching but also the quality of knowledge acquired by their students.

One Day Workshop

Language learning has its own importance. Language gives access to learn all other subjects. Similarly teaching of social studies must focus on equipping students to think critically on social issues.

Learning Indicators and Pedagogical processes of these subjects differ from other subjects and in this program we focus on specific methodologies to teach language and social studies.

One Day Workshop

In India Mahatma Gandhi was the first one who insisted the practice of doing work with education. Earlier it was known by the name of work experience and later it was changed to Work education by NCERT.

Work education tries to attain the balance between practical and intellectual part of education. Thus, it becomes very important to learn the basics of Work Education.

This module helps teachers to understand the need and importance of Work education in curriculum. It will also help them to execute and transact the very soul of work education to their students.

Three Day Workshop

A comprehensive model exclusively catering to the needs of the schools for planning the entire academic year. Most of the time it has been observed that due to improper planning teachers struggle in completing the syllabus in stipulated time.

Key highlights:

⍟Concept of Curriculum

⍟  Annual Curriculum Plan

⍟  Scheme of Studies

⍟  Time management- Timetable Planning

⍟  Systematic Period allotment

⍟  Assessment Plan

⍟  Daily Lesson Plan

⍟  Cross-curricular Linkage

Two Day Workshop

Education has undergone a sea change. Modern curriculum is more focused on learner and thus is adopting learner centered approach.

Are our learners really learning? What needs to be done to cater to the varying needs of the learner? Are all learners same? What strategies can be used to enhance the learning? Answers to such questions will really help in developing the right strategy for transacting knowledge.

Based on guidelines given in National curriculum framework, this module helps its trainees to attain the understanding of all above questions with the help of experiential workshop. It will also help them to understand the strategies that can be used for achieving highest learning levels in all children.

One Day Workshop

Early childhood is the period from conception to age 6-8, a period that presents a developmental continuum, according to the theoretical framework of developmental psychology and learning theories.

Pre-school education is globally acknowledged as most important input in a child’s learning leading to positive gains in primary school education.

This training model is specifically designed to address to the training and development needs of pre-school teachers.

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